Thursday, September 3, 2015


Last night, I stayed up late to finish this hand-stitched bag, designed by Maggie Bonanomi. This was Maggie's class project at the Amish hook-in in Berlin, Ohio this Spring.

This was a kit that Maggie put together so no color planning ~ just stitch! The little heart button did come from my button box. It could be a little clutch purse or a bag for my hooking tools ~ either way, I love it! Thanks to Maggie for such a cute project!

Last Saturday, on our way to Chateau Tabeau Winery, we made a quick stop at this little distillery.

This copper still was set up in a century barn out in the countryside. A young man and his grandpa are the distillers ~ Sonny and John each bought some ~ just to be nice, of course!

We had a fun afternoon, sitting outside, at the winery with Diane and Greg and Karen and John! Our summer lake fun is waining ~ but will stretch it out thru the Fall!

Have a safe Holiday weekend everybody!


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Tuesday, August 25, 2015


This large rug was on display at Sauder and made quite a splash!
Gail Dufresne is the designer and she hooked it ~ one of my favorites at the show!

I'm happy to say that Gail is going to teach on another rug hooking cruise that we're going on, the end of September!  Pat Murdoch is the organizer and it sounds like it's going to be lots of fun!  Rug hooking excursions at several of the ports ~ Sonny and I are looking forward to cruising to Nova Scotia  on the Norwegian Dawn! 

Hopefully, I'll be doing some blogging along the way!  I'm blogging via Blogpress on my phone and it doesn't always cooperate with me, the operator!! 

Hope all is well in your world!


Good grief ~ as I look at my last two posts THAT ARE ALMOST THE SAME,  I think I scare myself!  I really wanted to share all that ~ a lot!


Thursday, August 20, 2015


My friend Heather hooked this cute cat rug ~ pattern by Jane Augenstein. This is Heather's second rug and she's on a roll! Sent her home with a pattern I drew for her and the wool to get it started!

Thus is my newest project! I love sheep rugs! Pattern by Kathy Graybill. I haven't hooked all summer ~ Sauder inspired me!

Yesterday, I made pillowcases for Luci and Luke! I have a bunch more to do for the other grands. They were easy and didn't take long ~ I had the pattern and the flannel for Luke's for probably ten years! I'm a slow starter!

Thanks for stopping by ~ since I haven't blogged regularly for so long, I'm happy to still have readers!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


My friend, Heather, hooked this Jane Augenstein pattern. It's her second rug and I'm very proud of my student! She took home a new pattern that I drew for her ~ can't wait to see how it progresses!

This afternoon I made Miss Luci a pillowcase ~ she picked the material several weeks ago but it takes Grandma a while to get motivated! Also made one for Luke! Now I'll need to make pillowcases for the rest of the grands!

We had a nice afternoon ~ school starts next week so our fun days will be over. When they have days off from school, we'll make a plan.

Summer's coming to it's end ~ it went so fast!

Hope you're enjoying your summer!


Saturday, August 15, 2015


These are a few of the vintage rugs that were on display. Absolutely beautiful !

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Friday, August 14, 2015


Loved these beach theme rugs!

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Randomness ~ ~ ~

Beautiful Lake Erie sunrise this morning!

Flower gardens at Sauder Village.

We had a fun day at the Sauder Rug Show ~ more to come!

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