A DAY IN THE LIFE of this rug hooker can be just crazy!! I find other rug hookers' blogs so interesting that I thought I would add my adventures or mis-adventures to the mix!! Join me on my daily journey!!

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My life is a busy one ~ my husband, Sonny, and I have a blended family of 6 kids, 5 of them married and 10 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren! We have a building business and I am the Office Personnel, if you know what I mean!! I also have a small rug hooking business in my home studio, where I sell as-is wool and my own hand-dyed wool, beautiful frames and stands that my husband builds and some finished hooked pieces, etc. I would love to hook every day, all day, as I'm sure many of you would ~ but that's rarely possible!! Thanks for checking in and I hope you'll find A DAY IN THE LIFE ~ ~ ~ entertaining!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Distressed ~ that's what I am!!!  I was looking around my blog and editing my Coming Events and the next thing I know, all is changed.  I can't find the 'layout' to go in and change things and a lot of the things on my sidebar are missing!!  Does anyone know what in the world happened?  I have no desire to recreate a whole new blog!!!  HELP!!!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Filling in the background with assorted darks, also from the worm basket!! Even though I thought I drew random circles, they appear to be in rows! I'm not as random as I'd like to think I am!!

Saturday was the Gathered Treasures Show here in Mansfield. They had a great crowd and there was lots to see ~ primitives and antiques and wool!!

A couple of weeks ago, this old girl had another birthday! Beautiful flowers from SIL, Rachel!

This darling little fish sculpted with Fimo clay is from Marco Margo! A nice gift certificate to the salon, a tote from Pikes Place Market and lots of cards and phone calls! These birthdays come around pretty fast!

Yesterday, I drove to our lake place to get ready for the carpet cleaners and back home today! Had dinner with friends and moved furniture and vacuumed ~ getting ready for a fun summer!

Now to put the hooking room back together after the show. And then some serious hooking time!!

It was 76 deg yesterday and tomorrow SNOW!! Can you believe it? The daffs and Lenten roses aren't going to be happy!! Surely, this will be the end of it!!

So here's wishing you all a Happy Spring ~ it really is just around the corner!!

Ta ta!!

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Monday, April 7, 2014


A circle rug, that is!!! Saundra of the Woodland Junction blog posted a variety of circle rugs on her March 22 post, along with an invitation to join her as she de-worms! After a couple of emails with Saundra, I remembered that I had drawn one last year so I took Saundra up on her invitation!! Last night, instead of going to bed, this little mat held me captive in my hooking room!! I made a lot of progress but it requires a lot of thought and isn't really very random. There are various cuts ~ 8, 8.5, 9 & 9.5 and I decided to hook each circle in the same color way sort of !

NED ~ finally finished hooking this boy last night! There were only a few inches of border over the NED to fill in ~ it was a matter of setting down and doing it. The size is 20" x 35" and done in mostly a 9.5 cut with a 10 cut in the border! It was started at the Woolley Fox Last fall and one of my new favorites!!

If you have a worm pile, why don't you hook along with us and post your pix or send them to one of us to post! My worm basket is not all that big since I cut as I go ~ but they still add up, don't they?

Happy Spring!!!

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Sunday, April 6, 2014


These are the first pictures of the start of my Round Robin Challenge Rug!

Last fall, when Ali Strebel and Maria Barton came to our lake condo for the weekend, we hatched up this little challenge! Kris Miller was supposed to join us but had a bad fall and was not able to travel ~ thankfully, she agreed to be part of this project anyway!

We each have started our own 20" x 30" rug, of our own design. The rest of the pattern is blank and the other three will add to it! Fun idea, don't you think? We'll each end up with our own rug, which will be a mystery that formed in the mind of four different rug hookers!

I can't wait to see how they progress!! Follow along with us on our blogs!! We hope to display them at Sauder this summer and maybe write a joint article about the Challenge Rug journey!!

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Saturday, March 8, 2014


This is the cover of the current Home Tour edition that our home is in!! It's on the newsstand now if you want a closer look!

"Made in America" is the title of the really nice article written by Rebecca Razo and photos by Bill Matthews and Gloria Gale. We really are thrilled to be included along with the home of our friends, Pat and Chuck Knapp on page 34. January's issue showed the home of our friends, Vivian and Lou Schomburg ~ which was built by Fraizer Builders ~ that would be us!!

Happy reading!!

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Saturday, February 22, 2014


The Home Tour Edition of Country Sampler magazine with our home in it, is out! I'm not sure if it's on the newsstands yet, but a friend who receives it by mail, has received hers!!

A copy is waiting at home for us ~ can't wait to see it!! I'm going to check down here to see if I can find it!! The photos were taken a year and a half ago so it's been a long wait!

We're having a restful time ~ the shark teeth hunting is not as productive as past years ~ but we still go to the beach every day to look! We have found more beach glass here than usual so that's a little bonus!!

The beach at our complex is gone ~ the water is right up to the rocks!! So we slug thru the water to get to the beach next to us or walk down the street to a beach access ~ kind of an adventure!!

We've missed a tremendous amount of snow and cold ~ good timing!!

Spring is on it's way!!

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Saturday, we stopped here before we went Cortez ~ we do like to fill a day!

We saw some beautiful things!

I took random pictures to share!

Such unusual creations!

This sweet little pooch was ready for her close-up!

The above three photos were the work of a very talented fellow ~ William Alburger. Sonny and I both loved the potential that he saw in a slab of wood. Find him here

Every show has a fellow with a big bird on his shoulder!

It was a great day filled with friends, art, good food ~ and sunshine!

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